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We offer full service auto repair & maintenance

- Specialized Technicians In Used Car Pre-Purchase Inspection To Secure Your Money And Safety.
- Accurate Report To Indicate The Real Condition And Estimated Value Of The Car You Want To Buy.
- Computerized Scanned Report With Latest Devices

- Advanced Car Diagnostic Tools.
- Pinpoint Problems With Your Car And Offer Solutions.
- Our Tools Provide A Full Diagnostic Scan, Helping You Find Issues With Build-Up Level In The Combustion Engine, Ignition Timing Problems, Fuel Injector Performance, Engine Rpm, Camshaft, Crankshaft Positions And Tune-Up.

Engine Repair
- Test And Inspect Engines Issues Such As Starting Troubles, Poor Mileage, Poor Maintenance, Lubrication Problems, Excessive Overheat Etc.
- Radiator Services.
- Engine Cooling Systems.
- Catalytic Systems.
Transmission Repair
- In-Depth Knowledge To Fix A Problem With The Transmission Such As Diagnostic And Programming.
- Changing Lubes And Filters With Complete Sealing Kit Required.
- Lubricating The Gears And Other Parts Related To The Transmission Parts.
- Fluid Leaks, Puddles Beneath The Car
- Burning Smells Or Strange Smells
- Strange Sensations
- Continuously Variable Transmissions
- Manual Transmissions

- Complete Range Of Services Such As Tyre Repair.
- Selling New Tyres At The Best Prices.
- Tyre Pressure Resetting.
- Tyre Inspection.
- Position And Repair Flat Tyre.
- Wheel Balancing And Repair.
- RFT Tyres And Sensor.
- Brake Repair Specialist.

- Rapid Response Time.
- Battery Boosting.
- Car Battery Cable Replacement.
- Car Battery Replacement.
- Battery Testing And Installation.
- Electrical System Check.

- Minor And Major Oil Service Including Changing The Motor Oil, Transmission Oil, Gear Oil And Replacement Of The Filters.
- Service Packages Available, Click Know More For Additional Details.

We Provide Expert Service

Below are some of the many auto repair services we offer:
  • Boosting and Replacing Car Battery.
  • Checking Wiper Blade
  • Refilling Windshield Washer Fluid.
  • Car Lightening.
  • Transmission Repair / Replacement.
  • Brakes Repair and Service

Our Advantages

Our Service Facility Is Independently Owned And Operated, Providing Full Service Repair And Maintenance Services. We Use The Latest Diagnostic Equipment To Guarantee Your Vehicle Is Repaired And Serviced Properly And In A Timely Fashion.
  • Professional Technicians.
  • 24 /7 Prompt And Efficient Service.
  • Comfort And Convenience As We Serve You At Your Place Or Location Where The Problem Occurred.
  • Advanced Tools Used To Fix Problems Affecting Your Cars.
  • Expert In Pre-Purchase Full Car Inspection For Pre-Owned Cars With Full Diagnostics Report.
About the Company
C A R E Auto Repair Services has the equipment and expertise to repair and maintain your automobile. Our emphasis is on transparency and professionalism. We pride ourselves on performing the highest quality automobile servicing as quickly and efficiently as possible. We provide doorstep repair services for new and used vehicles of different car manufacturer.
We offer fair and transparent pricing and provide estimates upfront for hundreds of services on thousands of cars. Book with confidence.
We only work with highly rated mechanics.

How It Works

We offer full service auto repair & maintenance


Auto Maintenance FAQs

A: It's super easy and you don't need to go anywhere, we come to you and perform the service right there!
A: We perform a standard inspection that includes a visual inspection of fluids, body, brakes, cooling system, suspension, tires and overall external appearance to check vehicle’s condition and its estimated value. Also we are providing full diagnostic report for the vehicle.
A: 1.Starting trouble. 2. Visible deposits or corrosion on the battery. 3. Signs of wear on the battery cables.
A: We try to complete most repairs the same day.
Our invoices reflect the total cost in parts and labor increments. You can be certain that the parts used were purchased according to your individual needs.
A: In today's highly sophisticated automobiles, a tune-up is a maintenance type service and normally does not correct running problem. We advise our customers with a running problem to choose an engine diagnostic service in order to address the source of a running problem.
A: All four categories have a purpose in making repairs and should be selected according to availability, vehicle specifics and your personal needs. We make a careful evaluation of the life expectancy of the vehicle, cost and availability before making a part recommendation. • A factory new part is one manufactured by the company that produced the vehicle. • An aftermarket new part is manufactured by a source other than the original factory. • A remanufactured part was previously used and is reconditioned to meet or exceed original specifications.
It would depend on the symptoms or purpose. If the inspection is for a used car purchase, we charge according to the extent of inspection. In the case of a particular problem, a fee will be charged based on the type of equipment used and technician's time.
An appointment is not necessary at CARE Auto Repair Services; however, if you plan not to wait on your vehicle, it is best to have an appointment.
We accept Cash, VISA, Master Card, American Express and PayPal.
A: Regular maintenance of your vehicle protects your investment, helps to prevent breakdowns and will save you on the cost of repairs in the future.

For a smoother and safer driving experience, car auto repair services Dubai provides a perfect garage with a dedicated mechanic who diligently works to diagnose the cause for showing warning sign or problem informed by the driver/customer. It is essential to compare all the automobile repair shops Dubai to choose the right garage according to the vehicle specification.

What are the services offered?

There are broad categories, and list of mechanical services offered by car auto repair services Dubai starting from the brake adjustment and alignment to detailed engine performance check and other system functions of the vehicle assures the command over the car for smoother feeling. Mobile auto repair services Dubai allocates a specialised service centre mechanic to resolve mechanical defects of the vehicle with a proper diagnose technique. Vehicle performance will improve after a full diagnose of the faults shown as a warning sign in the computer.

There are four categories of services are offered:

  • Oil Change: This includes oil replacement, gearbox fluid check, oil filters change and may check for brake fluid replacement.
  • For Air-condition cooling Issues: This category will check for car air heater problem, detect for poor cooling issues, pressure issues, abnormal noise causes and lousy smell in air condition.
  • Engines pinpoint Inspection: This service diagnoses all the engine relates problem like suspension issue, tuning issue, fuel economy and other related checks including a digital inspection.
  • Brake Replacement: It can include brake pad replacement, both brake change and visual inspection of brake hose and ABS sensors.

There are some additional services which are offered to the clients during the first purchase of the car or for an inspection of the vehicle before buying any old vehicle.

Type of Vehicle for which Service provided:

Usually, this car auto repair services Dubai are specialised in various categories of cars manufactured from multiple countries such as :

  • Japan Model
  • Italian Model
  • German Model
  • European Model
  • American Model

Why Auto repair services recommended:

The achieve a better-performed engine tuning which gives a smooth feeling while driving is the main reason to visit in mobile auto repair services Dubai. In addition to all the overall health of the car can be checked with an affordable rate by an expert mechanic without any hassle. Because the Car Auto Repair Services Dubai also have the facility to free pick-up and drop of the vehicle as per the service schedule fixed. Once the schedule fixed, allocated technician works diligently to provide the best out of it.