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Dubai - United Arab Emirates

Car Engine Repair Service in Dubai

We Will Inspect Your Car Engine

Test And Inspect Engines Issues Such As Starting Troubles, Poor Mileage, Poor Maintenance, Lubrication Problems, Excessive Overheat Etc.
Radiator Services.
Engine Cooling Systems.
Catalytic Systems.

We Will Inspect Your Car Engine.

  • Condition of The Timing Belt
  • Watch Out for Performance
  • Low oil Level, Dirty Oil
  • Burnt Oil Smell Under the Hood
  • Engine Cooling Hoses if Need Replacement

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Care Auto Repair Service Has Been Helping Drivers Across UAE Maintain Their Vehicles. With Certified Mechanics. We Can Take Care Of All Of Your Auto Repair And Maintenance Needs. From Batteries Boosting And Changing, Oil Changes, Filters Replacement, Fluid Flushing, Brake Repair, Shocks Absorber Replacement, Struts Replacement, Muffler Repair, Tyres And Wheel Alignment, We’ve Got You Covered.

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We Are Specialized In Engines Detailing And Cleaning For The Best Performance. In Fact We Are One Of The Best In Engine Entity Restoration.

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