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Car Oil Change Service Dubai | Car Repair in Dubai

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Does your car need the services of Car Oil Change Dubai? You can count on Care Auto Repair Services for a fast, convenient, and warranty-approved oil change. Our thoroughly trained and certified specialists will follow the exact service intervals and manufacturer standards of your vehicle’s particular make, model, and year, giving you peace of mind. This also means you won’t have to visit your dealer to keep your warranty current. Instead, we’ll come to you and complete the oil change services while you relax with complimentary coffee and newspapers.

We’re proud to be Dubai’s number one oil change specialist, but what exactly does that mean? Well, it means our expertise and our customer service are unsurpassed. It means we eat, sleep, & breathe engine oil. It also means that our expert technicians understand exactly what your engine needs, whether it’s a top-quality product or something else, and how to get the job done correctly, promptly, and affordably. We have become the country’s largest quick lube brand since our formation.

Are you looking to have your car serviced? If so, then the choice is simple. At Care Auto Repair Services, you are choosing safety and efficiency. We understand the fact that not all of our clients may recognize the functionality and importance of various systems within a vehicle, so our professional technicians take the time to address your specific needs and different repair options. At the end of your visit, we are confident you will understand the significance of each repair and how they are connected with your safety and the life of your car.

Feel free to browse through our broad list of services to discover more about your vehicle. We pride ourselves on informing our customers about the advantages of routine maintenance services like a Maintenance Tune-Up, Tire Rotation, Wheel Alignment, Fuel Filter Replacement, or Oil, Lube, and Filter. You should take your car to a trustworthy mechanic if you don’t thoroughly understand your vehicle’s systems and parts. We’ll not only correct the problem, but we’ll also take the time to explain it to you in terms that you will understand.

Our experienced mechanics and technicians are automotive industry specialists who are well-known in local communities throughout the UAE. Our customers’ feedback and experiences provide a wealth of information about our company. Our consumers can always count on us to be transparent, trustworthy, and knowledgeable about their automobile needs.

Lubes Changing

Minor And Major Oil Service Including Changing The Motor Oil, Transmission Oil, Gear Oil And Replacement Of The Filters.

  • Free Fluid Top Up
  • Service Inspection
  • New Oil Filter
  • Top Brand Engine Oil

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Care Auto Repair Service Has Been Helping Drivers Across UAE Maintain Their Vehicles. With Certified Mechanics. We Can Take Care Of All Of Your Auto Repair And Maintenance Needs. From Batteries Boosting And Changing, Oil Changes, Filters Replacement, Fluid Flushing, Brake Repair, Shocks Absorber Replacement, Struts Replacement, Muffler Repair, Tyres And Wheel Alignment, We’ve Got You Covered.