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Specialized Technicians In Pre-Owned Cars Inspection To Secure Your Money And Safety.

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Our Tools Provide A Full Diagnostic Scan, Helping You Find Issues With Build-Up Level.

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Test And Inspect Engines Issues Such As Starting Troubles, Poor Mileage, Poor Maintenance.

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Minor And Major Oil Service Including Changing The Motor Oil, Transmission.

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Complete Range Of Services Such As Tyre Repair, Tyre Pressure Resetting, Inspection And Balancing.

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In-Depth Knowledge To Fix A Problem With The Transmission Such As Diagnostic.

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If Your Car Batteries Gets Low Or Not Performing Well. We Will Solve This Issue.

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Vehicle damage? We’ll fix it

We specialise in repairing accident damage to vehicles. In fact, we’re the second largest accident damage repair network.

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Our Services

Below are some of the many auto repair services we offer:

  • Boosting and Replacing Car Battery.
  • Checking Wiper Blade
  • Refilling Windshield Washer Fluid.
  • Car Lightening.
  • Transmission Repair / Replacement.
  • Brakes Repair and Service
  • Checking and Adjusting Power Steering Fluid.
  • Checking AC and Coolant Systems.
  • Cooling System Maintenance.
  • Drive Belt Replacement.
  • Checking And Replacement of Filters
  • Checking Car Horn.
  • Replacing Battery Terminals.
  • Checking All Fluid Level and Condition.
  • Battery Replacement.
  • Checking The Differential.
  • Change Universal Joint.
  • Complete Brake Service.
  • Tyres Tread Measurement.
  • Adjust Tyre Pressure.
  • Checking The Suspension Parts.

Want to Get Quality Car Repair or Maintenance

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